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Soothing Serum - sensitive, dehydrated skin

Soothing Serum - sensitive, dehydrated skin


This concentrated Arnica Extract serum has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and supports the natural balance of impaired skin barriers. Calming active botanical extracts restores the appearance of irritated, dry and flaky skin to more hydrated, calm, supple skin.

  • Care Instructions

    After cleansing & toning, apply 1-2 pumps, morning and night, or as many times is needed.

    Excellent after a sun or wind burn. 

  • Skin Type

    Sensitive, irritated, environmentally stressed skin. 

  • Key Ingredients

    Arnica Montana Flower Extract - powerful anti inflammatory and healing properties.

    Aloe Leaf Extract - soothing, replenishing lost moisture.

    Cucumber Fruit Extract - hydrating, smoothes skin surface and improves elasticity.

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